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CID Program

Lynn Randazzo
EDW Student Services Lead Teacher

Communication/Interaction Disorder (CID) Program

A CID program is designed for students with autism spectrum disorder or communication delays who need specialized instruction and support with social interactions, communication, and the presence of restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behaviors, interests, and activities. 

CID Program Features

These programs have:

  • Standards-based academic instruction provided with individualized supports and differentiation
  • A classroom environment that provides structure, visual supports, direct teaching of social cognition, and communication skills by establishing predictable routines and using individual and small group instruction
  • Integral program components include teaching self-awareness and sensory strategies for self-control as well as using a proactive approach to challenging behaviors
  • A structured teaching quality indicators checklist to support the implementation and follow through of best practice.

CID Center-Based Programs

Students in this program spend 60% or more of the school day in a separate, special education classroom with a teacher trained to use research-based strategies to teach students who have significant academic, functional, social, communication, motor, and/or health needs.